Hello! I’m Linda and
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I am a web designer and web developer
who builds eye-catching, functional,
contemporary, and profressional web sites.

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I’m glad you stopped by. My name is Linda Huynh, I am a web designer and web developer.

I started designing and drawing from a young age and most of my design skills and knowledge are self taught. I love creating websites because it’s a way for me to bring ideas and visions to reality. Through my journey, I've come to meet some of the most talented people, who have taught me much. When I design, I want the user to have fun in the playgrounds I build and design.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, check out my portfolio and resume or if you are really interested, email me at,

Spatial Technology Consulting

Spatial Technology Consulting Website

This innovative spatial technology consulting and development company wanted a more organized and cleaner look to depict what they do. View the live site here!

Client-side: Microsoft Virtual Earth, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Server-side: C#, SQL Server 2008
Regional Transmission Organization - Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Dashboard

The technical team wanted a usability enhancement for their web portal. This will allow them to fully realize the potential of their data. View the live site here!

Client-side: ESRI ArcGIS Server JavaScript API,, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Marine Exchange

Marine Exchange Vessel Tracking System

This was developed because the Marine Exchange wanted a system that would be able to have real-time vessel reporting capabilities which included geospatial analysis and reports. Also, using analytical functionalities available in Google Maps API, I provided an easy, scalable vessel tracking and visualization application that allows the user to interact with the map interface to further personalize the capabilities of the application.

Client-side: Google Maps API, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Server-side: C#, AJAX, SQL Server 2008
Mobile Technology

Personal Coverage Check

The interactive personal coverage check kiosk would provide their customers with an interactive and accurate coverage-check experience in their retail stores.

Client-side: ArcGIS ArcGlobe, Microsoft Virtual Earth,, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Server-side: C#, Web Mapping Service
King County

King County In Motion Interactive Map

King County Metro Transit wanted an interactive map to show residents that using healthier travel options like the bus, carpooling, bicycling and walking could be just around the block. I designed the interactive map around the user becaue King County has a wide range of users. I created a user interface which was very intuitive and straight forward even your grandma can use it! View the live site here!

Client-side: ArcGIS Server JavaScript API, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Server-side: C#, SQL Server 2008. ArcGIS Server

Mobility Survey Site

This was a research and development site I worked on. I designed a clean and simple way to create, view, edit, delete and take surveys.

Client-side: HTML, JavaScript, CSS
Server-side: PHP, MySql
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